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Fort Collins, Colorado lies at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills. This also happens to be where East Moon Asian Bistro & Hibachi is situated. Opened in 2008, the restaurant instantly became one of the most popular restaurants in Fort Collins, despite the economic crisis that was gripping the nation at that time.

Located amongst several grand commercial buildings and within walking distance of several residential areas, East Moon satisfies the appetite of not only office workers, but also those living in the surrounding neighborhood. To cater to the demands of its legion of loyal customers, the restaurant offers both dine-in and take-out service.
You will never miss the restaurant, as there is a manmade waterfall out front. Upon stepping into the restaurant, customers will be enchanted by its modern décor. A feeling of freshness washes over the customers as they marvel at the unique details present throughout the interior. Those who are interested in art will be happy to see a number of modern art pieces hanging on the wall. The décor is mainly of Western style and East Moon and thus has become a special place where East truly meets West. 
The spacious 6,000 square feet dining area is able to seat up to 225 customers. Nevertheless, the restaurant is always crowded during lunch and dinner time.

At East Moon, a fusion of authentic Asian cuisines is served, including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisines. On the menu, you can see many familiar dishes, but when they are served, you may find the dish is different from the versions you are familiar with. This difference in both taste and look is something the customers really have become enamored with and so the twelve chefs at the restaurant continue to introduce new, innovative selections.

General Tso’s Chicken is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in America. But the version served at East Moon will be definitely beyond your expectations. You will find that snow peas and carrots are added to enhance the flavor of the dish. It will be an adventure for you, and you may just absolutely fall in love with it after one taste.

Another dish that often astonishes new customers is the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bowl, which is quite different from the usual Vietnamese Pho served in other restaurants. As is known to those who are familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, Pho should be noodles with soup, but that isn’t the case at East Moon. The Rice Noodle Bowl is served with dry noodles and Thai chili sauce, which is made of roasted chicken, roasted shrimp, carrots, and white turnip. It has now become a must-order for many patrons.

The amazing flavor of each dish is, to a great extent, due to the fresh ingredients. “We purchase ingredients every day and only the quality ones make it into the kitchen,” says Jason Zhou, the owner of East Moon. Although the cost of the ingredients is quite high, the prices on the menu are still reasonable.

Healthy food is another highlight of the restaurant. Sushi is rolled with brown rice, which is healthier. The dishes aren’t greasy, and only olive oil is used in their preparation. Fabulous and eye-catching in presentation and appearance, the dishes are more than enough to satisfy even the most jaded foodie. Every dish is a work of art. The colorful sushi comes in various shapes, with dishes featuring heart-shape rice with a cherry on top, as well as edible flowers. These little touches have an impressive visual effect and are often commented about by customers. 
To make their dining experience a more enjoyable one, customers are encouraged to watch the hibachi show, which features the unsurpassed skills of the restaurant’s hibachi chefs. Half chef, half showman, the chefs dazzle patrons with their repertoire of awe-inspiring knife tricks and affable nature. Those seated at the hibachi table are first greeted by the chef who socializes with their audience before beginning a culinary show which culminates in the delivery of sizzling stir-fry creations to each person’s plate.

The beverage selection with its wide variety of drinks has something for everyone. You can rest assured that no matter what you like, you can find something at the bar. The friendly bartenders treat customers like family and have a keen knowledge of how to mix just about anything.

“Our top priority is serving our customers the types of dishes they are looking for. This is why we have so many loyal customers,” asserts Jason. The staff is friendly to every customer and is always attentive without being intrusive. At East Moon, customers can feel free to make requests, as the staff is so dedicated to keeping everyone 100% satisfied.

Jason also notes that observant customers may notice that there is a suggestion box in the restaurant. In fact, suggestions from customers are highly valued at East Moon. “We consider their feedback to be very valuable because we can use them to improve ourselves.” 

One of East Moon’s regulars, a high school student, loves East Moon so much that he wrote an article on the restaurant. The report was published in the local newspaper. Jason feels thankful that the young boy likes his restaurant so much and the experience of seeing East Moon written about in such a positive light has given him further motivation in his work.

Jason, who has been in America for 16 years, has experience working in Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese restaurants. Busy with managing the restaurant, he seldom cooks now, but still happily returns to the kitchen when patrons ask him to cook for them. As a boss, he is both strict and considerate to his staff. “To ensure the clean sanitation of the restaurant, managers are assigned to inspect everyday. Staff will be rewarded if they do their part well,” explains Jason. The staff is rewarded quite often, as they take delight in serving customers and enjoy working for Jason.
You will never know how tasty the food is unless you come and have a taste. Jason and the friendly staff will always be ready to offer you a spectacular dining experience.
East Moon Asian Bistro & Hibachi
Location: 2400 E Harmony Rd, #102, Fort Collins, Colorado
Phone: 970-223-0666
Offers: Dine-in & Take-out
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai Curries cuisine
Signature Dishes: Pad Thai, General Tso’s Chicken, Sushi, Basil Shrimp, Saigon Soft-Shell Crab
Capacity: 225
Year of Establishment: 2008
Website: www.eastmoonfcs.com

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